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About this directory…

This directory arises from YOU via the team from Making Progress, Colorado Maker Hub and I am a who brought you the first Maker Faire™ in Colorado starting in 2013 through 2018. A trip down memory lane includes a 30ft robot that shoots fire and lasers in 2014, a 6ft live Tesla Coil in 2015, a wooden walking robot crawler the size of an SUV in 2016, a Combat Bot Competition extravaganza in 2017 and a Hebocon Crappy Robot Contest in 2018 and beyond.

This directory is for you and all makers who want to explore the maker community to perhaps reignite or create new connections in the local area. Browse, search, connect, claim your listing, or enter a new one. This space is for you, by you, and because of you.

Welcome to your Colorado maker community!

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